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Everything for your space project.

Small Satellites

Cubesat projects development, engineering and consulting. Specialists in small satellite components integration. Reduce risk talking with the experts.

Remote Sensing

Active remote sensing for smart planning and preventive actions. Cubesat based solutions for precision agriculture, critical infrastructure monitoring and resources survey.


Nano satellite based communications technologies are key enablers for IoT solutions. Add connectivity to your projects using cost-effective, wide coverage, satellite networks.


Past and ongoing projects.

Ascending Memories


First chilean cubesat project

SUCHAI 2 & 3

3U cubesat for science and education

Aurora Flight Software

Flight Software for small satellites


We are building a big story.

  • 2011


    Project SUCHAI starts its development at the University of Chile. It is the first chilean made satellite and the very beginning of Aurora Space team.

  • July 2015

    Aurora Space Projects takes off

    Aurora Space was created to help the development of future small satellite missions. Our objective is to provide the knowledge and the highly qualified human resources required for successful space projects.

  • August 2015

    SUCHAI 2 & 3 missions start

    University of Chile next generation satellites being developed in conjunction with Aurora Space.

  • June 2017

    SUCHAI launched to space

    SUCHAI mission successfully launched to space!

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